The Chaos Engineering Book

By Casey Rosenthal | October 6, 2020

I was hired at Netflix to lead the Traffic Team in early 2015. A few weeks later I was also asked to charter a Chaos Engineering Team. At the time, Chaos Engineering was essentially a program called Chaos Monkey with a few supporting blog posts. I wanted to get a feel for what our engineers […]

Security Chaos Engineering on Enterprise Security Weekly

Co-Founder and CEO Casey Rosenthal and Co-Founder and CTO Aaron Rinehart of Verica join Enterprise Security Weekly to talk about Security Chaos Engineering. In this episode, Casey and Aaron discuss how companies of all sizes in different verticals are adopting Chaos Engineering and how Continuous Verification is now gaining adoption. The discussion digs deep into […]

Music in Resilience: The Practice of Practice

You have probably heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”, but let’s take that thought up and out. It is really the experience of practice that is more interesting! Consider a jazz band you’ve heard or seen live, or really any type of music where improvisation plays an important role. Great bands work together effortlessly, and when things go […]

Security Chaos Engineering down in Austin, TX

The Verica crew had a fun time with the fine folks down in Austin, TX at the city’s first DevSecOps Days event. Going to Austin during the holiday season never results in a White Christmas, but this year Austin delivered on some great security and devops talks that should make you cheery all year long.  […]

Safety and Security at Speed

For the 2019 OWASP Global AppSec DC event, which is the largest application security conference on the planet, I brought the MEASURE framework in the form of a talk. One of the goals of the talk was to bring together the worlds of Safety and Security. I believe that Safety fits in the MEASURE framework for […]

The MEASURE of DevSecOps

The start of DevOps was simple enough: get some developers and operations folks together and build something. With together being the keyword. The concept of DevOps came from this notion that operations needed to take part in the Agile movement. Many articles chronicle the history of how Patrick Debois and Andrew Clay Shafer coined the term and […]

It’s a Summer Verication!

You may know us at Verica from our ground-breaking work in the fields of chaos engineering and continuous verification, both from our history at Netflix and UnitedHealth Group and from the articles we have on this very blog, but you probably don’t know the team behind the company. Well, this is a little insight into […]

Verification vs Validation

Many people use the words Verification and Validation interchangeably, which risks the ability to focus on system-level behaviors that correspond to business value. We prefer to use definitions inspired by the field of Operations Research Management. Verification is finding congruence between what you expect from a system and the actual output. Validation is finding congruence between an […]

Top Seven Myths of Robust Systems

One of my favorite topics of discussion within the domain of Availability is mythology. Not dragons and unicorns, which would be undeniably cool, but myths in the sense of made-up stories we tell ourselves to explain things that we don’t understand. There are many things that we as an industry tell ourselves about the nature […]

Inhumanity of Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis (RCA), a common practice throughout the software industry, does not provide any value in preventing future incidents in complex software systems. Instead, it reinforces hierarchical structures that confer blame, and this inhibits learning, creativity, and psychological safety. In short, RCA is an inhumane practice. Fortunately, there are healthy alternatives to RCA. I’ll […]

Continuous Verification

Three years from now, if you are pushing code into a serious production environment, it will go through a Continuous Verification (CV) pipeline. The software industry’s transition into complex systems is accelerating. The humans designing, building, and operating these complex systems are no longer capable of understanding how all of the pieces fit together. It’s […]

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