It’s a Summer Verication!

You may know us at Verica from our ground-breaking work in the fields of chaos engineering and continuous verification, both from our history at Netflix and UnitedHealth Group and from the articles we have on this very blog, but you probably don’t know the team behind the company. Well, this is a little insight into our 100% remote team that is building a new way to tackle resilience engineering problems.

Last week, the entire Verica crew got together for a company-wide offsite in Vacationland, which is an official slogan for the state of Maine, if you didn’t already know. When we were first planning this event, we called it an offsite, then casually referred to it as Camp, but we just couldn’t resist calling it Summer Verication. Verica plus vacation, see what we did there? Yeah.

As a company, we dreamed about where we’re going and how we can make a real difference in the industry but even more importantly, how we can help change the lives of builders and operators in the software industry. We spent a good amount of time getting to know each other deeper and spending time with one another outside of just day-to-day work.

The Verica Family

Did we mention that we had a blast with all of our families coming along as well? Yep, you read that right. Families were invited to this offsite, which may sound unusual at first glance, but because this offsite was in the middle of summer and the company realizes that startups can be hard on families, we decided to include families for this one.

Including families enabled us to meet each other in context as well. Our goal at Verica is to be different. When we look back at our life’s work, we don’t want to feel that we over-invested in our careers and under-invested in our closest relationships.

We had a great time, with trips to the beach, the mountains and visiting the sites around Portland, Maine. The time together helped us deepen our relationships with one another and with our families. The team walked away from the week with a better understanding of how to work better together as we move through this exciting stage of startup life and with paths forward. This is a team that cares for each other.

If you are interested in joining our team, please reach out to us, we would love to find a spot for you.

Verica crew goofing off
On the drive to Acadia, we found a bridge!
At a beach in the mountains!
More beach time
Toy store fun!
We played games!
On the boat!
You have to see the lighthouses of Maine
We did some real work too
We do it Verica style.