Join us at GOTO Chicago May 22-24

GOTO Chicago is back in-person and we’ll be there! Verica Internet Incident Librarian Courtney Nash will present the Wednesday lunch keynote: ”What We Talk About When We Talk About Resilience”.

She’ll take a close look at resilience in modern software systems and reveal the counterintuitive insights unearthed from the Verica Open Incident Database (VOID), drawn from over 10,000 incident reports collected across two years of rigorous research.

And she’ll expose a surprising truth behind common resilience metrics and reveal what they’re really telling you (or rather, not telling you).

Coffee Break: Spilling the beans on incident metrics

We are sponsoring the coffee breaks and would love to see you! Connect with Verica Co-founder & CEO Casey Rosenthal over a cup of java. He’ll be happy to spill the beans on incident metric findings from the VOID or discuss the importance of resilience and failure in complex systems.

Join us there and use this discount code to register for 10% off: verica10