5G is a Dish Best Served Reliably

DISH Network recently came on board as a Verica customer, using our Continuous Verification Platform (CVP) to help ensure the reliability of the Kubernetes and Kafka systems that will power their new 5G network. That was a whole lot of technology terms, but what we’re really thrilled about is that we’ll be helping make something people rely on every day, for every aspect of their lives, more reliable. Enterprise infrastructure software can seem inscrutable to most people, but having your phone call go through shouldn’t be. 

“We can continuously verify that calls get completed with required audio quality, while allowing dynamic, asynchronous, uncoordinated updates to any part of the software system that powers the cell phone network.”

Casey Rosenthal, Verica CEO

Verica’s CVP will help DISH ensure that their 5G network can handle unexpected or adverse events, allowing software issues to proactively be identified and fixed before disruptions affect customers. This is critical to the company as they roll out the first entirely cloud-native O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network) 5G network on top of AWS. O-RAN is a new set of hardware standards and protocols for cellular networking that will allow mobile network operators to use equipment from multiple vendors and still ensure interoperability. Allowing RAN equipment and software from different vendors to communicate stands to open up (and increase the velocity of) innovation in networking products and services. DISH intends to build a 5G “network of networks,” and in doing so, has become AWS’ biggest customer.

“Verica helps us verify our platform layer itself as well as everything on top through Chaos Engineering. These tests allow us to see how edge conditions affect performance and reliability.”

Marc Rouanne, Executive Vice President and Chief Network Officer at Dish

This shift to cloud-based software-defined networking solutions has accelerated the evolution of complex software systems that are needed to power them. Such speed and complexity means that no person or team can completely model or understand how their systems work, or how they’ll fail. To learn more about how CV can help with your complex systems, download our Continuous Verification whitepaper.