Prowler Training Now Available

By Toni de la Fuente | August 23, 2022

Today we’re releasing a Prowler Training Course to help people start using Prowler and get up to speed quickly. The course is free, and consists of a series of short, actionable videos where I walk you through the basics of Prowler, how to run it and what some sample outputs look like, and then how to write your own custom checks and some advanced features like sending your results directly to Security Hub.

Putting the Pro in Prowler

Today we’re announcing Prowler Pro, an enterprise version of Prowler, a well-known open source security tool for AWS. Verica and I joined forces back in late 2021 to make Prowler better, and develop a new product that extends on that solid foundation. Prowler Pro has the best of Prowler plus continuous monitoring, automated deployment for multi-account, personalized support, and visualization of your data via helpful dashboards with custom alerting and reporting. 

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