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Verification vendor Verica and Toni de la Fonte, creator of the Prowler AWS security tool, have announced the launch of Prowler Pro to enhance cloud security and provide new open-source tools to make AWS security simpler for customers.

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Verica, the Continuous Verification company that makes systems more reliable and less vulnerable to costly incidents, and Prowler creator Toni de la Fuente today announced the launch of Prowler Pro. Prowler Pro marks the evolution of Prowler Open Source, one of the most recognizable and dependable open-source tools for AWS cloud security.

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Continuous verification company Verica Inc. today joined with open-source Amazon Web Services Inc. cloud security tool Prowler to offer a new enterprise-focused paid version of Prowler. Prowler Pro offers continuous monitoring, faster execution, personalized support and transparency into data with customizable dashboards.


Verica, a so-called “continuous verification” company that leans on chaos engineering techniques to make software and systems more resilient, has raised $12 million in a series A round of funding.


The internet stood still when Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp or Amazon Web Services went down for hours. That may have seemed like a minor inconvenience to American users of those services. Elsewhere, it crippled essential communication for billions of people across the world.

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To ensure its 5G network can handle unexpected or adverse events, Dish Network is throwing a little chaos into the mix by way of a Continuous Verification (CV) platform from Verica.

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WASHINGTON & LITTLETON, Colo., January 25, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) will leverage the Verica Continuous Verification Platform (CVP) for Kubernetes and Kafka on its 5G Smart Network™.


Good Morning, CIOs. Amazon Web Services, the largest cloud-computing provider in the U.S., went offline for several hours Tuesday, a reminder for organizations that no cloud strategy is complete without continuity and recovery plans.

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Midway through Facebook’s prolonged outage on Monday, reports began to emerge that the problem may have been exacerbated by a series of circular internal dependencies. When services went dark, the things needed to prepare those services also went dark. It was, by most reports, a business continuity ouroboros; a snake eating its own tail, deleting its own DNS records and locking its own recovery technicians out of the building.


The U.S. SPAC boom has become a SPAC bust, with dozens of post-merger companies trading below their sale prices. But that hasn’t stopped foreign stock exchanges from enthusiastically grasping for the falling knife.

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Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger also went down


When Arian Simone was trying to open her own retail store, it didn’t take long for her to notice that nobody cutting the checks looked like her—a Black woman.