About Verica

Verica is building a Continuous Verification Platform to help the largest enterprises in the world gain understanding of and confidence in their critical infrastructure at large scale. We’re a 3-year-old startup with production software and active customers. We have deep habits for user-centered design and embrace it at every part of the organization.

Verica is an all-remote company. We strive for all of us to have maximum agency in our work and minimal bureaucracy in the management of it. We recognize that our lives as humans and family members take precedence over our work. We believe that we’re improving the world by creating fundamentally different and superior ways for our customers to understand and operate their most important infrastructure.

Senior UX Designer at Verica

You will form a team of two with our head of UX, working mostly with our engineering teams and our customers. You’ll do many types of UX work to solve problems within your interests and expertise. These problems run the usual startup gamut from user research to detailed report design. UX design for our GUI will be a large part of the work, although we also consider our CLI and API to be first-class customer UX surfaces.


This isn’t a unicorn hunt. No single person will have deep experience in all these areas. If you have any experience or passion here, we’d love to hear from you.

Good software
  • Deep understanding of software, how it is built, and what makes it good.
  • Familiarity with challenges of infrastructure at scale.
  • No coding is required; this is a design role, not production implementation.
Product design
  • Understand customers’ context, their work, & their goals.
  • Design to solve those customer problems, e.g.,
    • workflow design for a whole product,
    • UI design for features & solutions,
    • visualization of complex systems in motion,
    • static & interactive reports.
  • Verify those solutions with customers.
  • Collaborate with engineering to ensure solutions are pragmatic & high quality.
Visual design
  • Visual design is appropriate for an enterprise GUI, i.e., professional but not flashy.
  • Work at appropriate level of visual fidelity for the audience & context, e.g.,
    • sketches to communicate,
    • wireframes to test,
    • visual patterns & specs to enable engineering.

How do we know when this person is successful?

  • Your work with customers identifies and illuminates real problems.
  • Engineers report that you are as effective at leading as you are collaborating.
  • Your design work is consistent with our roadmap, or you advocate from customer knowledge to change the roadmap.
  • The UX of shipped software is high quality and it solves real customer problems.