Senior Software Engineer at Verica

Verica is seeking a skilled and empathetic engineer with deep Elixir/Phoenix/SaaS experience to join our team in developing the world’s most developer-friendly Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tool. Verica is a company that values our people as much as it values resilient software, demonstrated by 100 percent health insurance premium coverage, mandatory PTO, and a fully remote team.

Day to day, Vericans collaborate, architect, and deploy security checks across cloud deployments at scale, empowering users to discover the edges of their systems and find gaps in their security posture.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Engineer the most developer-friendly SaaS for identifying security vulnerabilities in cloud deployments:
    • We have a very full roadmap of features we are excited to build
    • Built-in scale for 10s of thousands of users
    • World-class design experience focusing on improving the lives of our primary users – security specialists.
    • Solve problems for:
      • Security Assessment – Cloud Practitioners
      • Incident Response – Incident Responders
      • Hardening – Security or Cloud Architects
      • Pen Testing – Pen Testers
  • Collaborate with the team to deliver consistent, incremental improvements to the product
  • Promote psychological safety:
    • Maintain an inclusive environment
    • Call out anti-inclusive behavior so it can be corrected
  • Engineer quality code worthy of top-tier enterprise deployment at a competitive pace
  • Maintain alignment toward the product vision, which is allowing enterprise customers to understand and improve their complex systems by empirically defining and validating their safety margins in production
  • Quickly surface obstacles to execution, gaps in understanding, and other symptoms of poor alignment
  • Contextualize and communicate engineering decisions to the team and larger organization, mentor and knowledge share with the team
  • Engage positively with most welcoming, respectful open source community in cloud security tooling

Work Hours & Benefits:

This is a full time, salaried position developing code. Verica is fully remote and distributed, spanning all U.S. time zones and several in E.U. This necessitates individuals taking responsibility for their working hours and broadcasting availability to colleagues.

Verica values our employees health and well-being by covering all medical, vision and dental healthcare premiums for U.S. employees and their dependents, with healthcare stipends for citizens of other countries. Mandatory minimum PTO (shoot for ~6 weeks; anything less than 4 weeks/year is unacceptable), workstation/home office stipend, parental leave, and stock options are some of our other benefits.

Senior Software Engineer Qualifications/Skills:

  • Demonstrated experience developing software for a SaaS in production
  • Engineering proficiency in Elixir and Phoenix
    • Go and Python are helpful too, but not required
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts in a simple and concise manner
  • Ability to identify and improve non-performant code and systems
  • Demonstrated ability to design and interact with complex persisted data models
  • Experience with distributed architectures
  • Working knowledge of infrastructure-as-code architectures and automation
  • Proficiency on AWS and other cloud providers

Tech stack:

  • PETAL Stack: Phoenix, Elixir, Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js and LiveView
  • Python and Go for non-SaaS backend
  • PostgreSQL
  • CI/CD with GitHub actions, deployed several times each day
  • Project management: JIRA, GSuite.
  • Communication: Slack, Zoom
  • Deployment: Terraform, AWS

How will you know you are successful in this role?

  • Direct teammates consider you to be a professional and skilled asset to the team. [Peer feedback is the most effective signal we have for individual contributor performance]
  • We can ask you how your work contributes to the company’s vision, and it’s clear that your current work is the highest priority work you could be doing toward that vision
  • You contribute directly and incontrovertibly to the success of the SaaS as a product in a competitive market space
  • Your manager concludes that your contribution to feature velocity proceeds at a competitive pace, and code quality is on par with top tier SaaS deployments

Hiring process:

  • Introduction Call: If you are interested, we would love to meet you, and one of our founders or tech leads will invite you to chat over a call. (30 minutes)
  • Technical Screen: You will be invited to a call with our Engineering Managers or Tech Leads to talk about your experience and the challenges you have faced as a professional. (45 minutes)
  • Cultural Interview: We have a generative, diversity-focused culture that highly prioritizes context over control. Not everyone prefers this type of environment, and this interview ensures that you are comfortable with the freedoms and responsibilities we expect of our colleagues; and that you can thrive here. (1 hour) 
  • Technical Interview: In this step of the process, you will meet 2 colleagues and participate in a kata with them. (1 hour) 
  • Team Interview: Finally, we will invite you to chat with 2 team members about design systems and product orientation. (1 hour)