Engineering Manager at Verica

To deliver consistent and incremental improvements in functionality for our Continuous Verification Product, we are hiring Engineering Managers to lead the Platform team and Module teams. This person is “in the trenches” with the engineers, but doesn’t necessarily contribute code, and has enough perspective to keep the team executing and to educate in both directions.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Provide operational leadership to a team of software engineers, including:
    • Planning, execution, and support of complex technical verification initiatives.
    • Frequent delivery of value through working software.
    • Mapping of functional requirements to technical designs.
    • Individual accountability of team members.
  • Foster good technical leadership within the engineers
  • Facilitate discussions about product vision with UX and C-level.
  • Maintain alignment of individual contributor and team goals towards product vision.
  • Participate in design and architecture decisions while respecting the agency of the engineers.
  • Contextualize and communicate engineering decisions to the rest of the organization.
  • Mentor team members and contribute to building a strong engineering culture.
  • Promote psychological safety.
    • Maintain an inclusive environment.
    • Call out anti-inclusive behavior so it can be corrected.
    • Hold regular 1:1s to ensure all people are heard, acknowledged, and empowered.
  • Recruit and hire amazing colleagues.

How do we know when this person is successful?

  • We can pull aside any reporting individual contributor at any time and ask them why the thing that they are working on at that moment is the most important thing that they could be working on for the company, and they have a consistent narrative linking their work back to the C-level’s vision.
  • All parts of the org are aware of what Engineering is working on, and how that relates to the product roadmap.
  • The product feature expansion tracks in the right direction according to customer feedback.
  • Feature velocity proceeds at a competitive pace and engineering quality is top tier.