Who are you?

You know that complex systems are unpredictable, and you like that. You don’t expect easy answers or quick fixes. You’re willing to wade through uncertainty and figure out unique solutions to murky, unclear problems. You also want to work somewhere that lifts you up versus burns you out.

Who are we?

We’re a collection of engineers, designers, marketers, and researchers who’ve worked at a variety of organizations operating at significant scale and in high-tempo, dynamic environments. We’re also parents, musicians, book lovers, adventure seekers, gardeners, athletes, and people who all believe that life outside work is what makes us who we are.

Together we can…

help other companies navigate complexity. Make the internet a safer and more reliable place.

Meet Team Verica

Lynette Spring Baker Director of Business Operations

Randall Hansen VP User Experience

Courtney Nash Senior Research Analyst

Casey Rosenthal Co-founder & CEO

Drew Kerrigan Engineering

Rich Bard Business Operations Manager

Tiffany Knudtson Marketing Specialist

Chantell Nichols Engineering

Jay Landro Engineering Manager

Max Eshleman Engineering

Brian Weyer Engineering

Justin Fetherolf Engineering

Amy Franks Technical Account Manager

Codey Jenkins Engineering

Toni de la Fuente Co-founder

Pepe Fagoaga Engineering | Prowler Pro

Sergio Garcia Engineering | Prowler Pro

Nacho Rivera Engineering | Prowler Pro

Laura Franzese Head of Marketing

David Alles Head of Sales


  • 100% covered healthcare premium
  • Stock options
  • Mandatory minimum PTO (at least 1 wk/qtr)
  • Parental leave
  • 100% remote team
  • Flexible hours and work location
  • Home office stipend

We’re Hiring!

If you like complex engineering challenges, you’ve come to the right place.

We are looking for senior level software engineers to help build our verifications and platform for complex systems.

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